If you enjoy a beautiful, clean, and cared-for yard, there’s no doubt you’ve thought of tree trimming and pruning. Both services are standard in the professional landscape industry and keep your yard in the best condition. However, you may not know what makes each service different and whether you need both.

Below, we’ll discuss the differences between trimming and pruning and how your yard can benefit from each service.

Trimming vs. Pruning: What’s the Difference?

Tree trimming and pruning may seem like the same thing, but the reasoning behind each service varies:

  1. Tree trimming promotes healthy growth for shrubs, hedges, and trees. Professionals trim branches that threaten utility lines or obstruct roadway vision. This service also helps maintain aesthetic appeal.
  2. Pruning is the act of removing unnecessary branches, roots, and growths. This service is the best way to remove waterspouts, which may open your tree to harmful pathogens.

If your landscaping issues are minimal, it’s possible to do either on your own so long as you have the appropriate tools. However, your greenery is prone to stress, and improper pruning or trimming could do more harm than good. For this reason, we recommend searching “tree trimming near me” to find local professionals. When a team of arborists is behind your landscaping project, you’ll know your yard is in the best hands.

Why Your Trees Need Trimming and Pruning

It’s tempting to complete such jobs on your own, especially if your favorite shrub is sick, that utility line is a little too close, or you’re eager to add extra curb appeal. But it’s best to leave these tasks to people who truly know trees.

Why? Because overworking your plants can seriously stress them out, and stress is a certified killer.

Here are three primary reasons for these services: health, safety, and aesthetics.

  • Health: As mentioned, your precious plants may have unwanted growths, dead roots, or dead branches. Saving an infected shrub, hedge, or tree requires strategic pruning to remove affected areas. And, as your greenery grows, trimming is necessary to manage crossed or rubbing branches to prevent breakage.
  • Safety: Dead or broken limbs are just one gust of wind away from falling, which puts your family and home at risk. You can mitigate this safety hazard by trimming away at these areas. Also, branches may come too close to power lines. It’s best to redirect growth or cut them off to prevent electrical fires.
  • Aesthetics: Both services can help maintain the overall look of your yard. Trimming helps cut away dead, overgrown branches, while pruning maintains appearance and shape.

For the Best Care, Find a Professional

Tree trimming and pruning are essential to landscaping. These services protect your hard, help it grow, and maintain your home’s curb appeal.

The next time you’re considering searching for “tree trimming near me,” imagine how beautiful your property will look with some professional sprucing up.

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