Best Greencastle Tree Care Service in INdiana!

Greencastle is a city in Indiana which is the country seat of Putnam county. DePauw University which has DePauw Nature park is also located in the city. The city is sparsely populated and most of the properties have some trees. Though having trees can help in landscaping and add value to the property, often property owners find that they have to trim, prune or even remove their tree. In other cases, after the tree has fallen or tree is cut, the stump will remain. Greencastle Tree care offers a complete range of Greencastle Tree Care services including tree removal, tree pruning, trimming, stump removal, pest control and other services.


Tree Removal service

Often Greencastle property owners find that one or more unwanted trees are growing in the property. In other cases, the tree is growing too close to the house, branches are entering the home or the tree is diseased and may fall anytime. In these cases, it is advisable to use our service for removal of one or more trees. Our experts will remove the tree quickly and safely.The cost of tree removal will depend on various factors like the size of the tree, type of the tree, tree health, exact location since it will take more time to remove trees which are difficult to access.


Tree Trimming and Pruning Service

Some property owners want their trees to be trimmed in a particular shape for landscaping purposes. Sometimes, the tree branches may be growing close to the home or electricity power lines, so pests are entering the house. Based on the requirement of the property owner our expert staff will trim or prune the trees while ensuring that the health and growth of the tree is not affected. Our well trained staff is aware that cutting any branch of the tree will adversely affect the tree, so we are very careful while trimming the tree, removing only the diseased and dead branches, reducing the damage to the tree to the extent possible.


Tree stump removal service

Usually only the portion of the tree above the ground is cut away, the roots and stump remain in the ground. The tree stumps in the property make it difficult to use the area for growing new plants or trees and may also cause fungi to the healthy trees in the area. Hence it is advisable to use our stump removal services, to remove the tree stump completely and quickly so that the area can be used for other purposes. We have a specialized stump grinder with a metal wheel available, which we use to convert the tree stumps into wooden chips quickly and safely .


Certified Arborist Service

Though most people think that tree care is simple, in reality, it is time consuming and can be dangerous if the person is not well trained. Hence we ensure that our staff providing tree-care services are certified arborists, who have received certification from the international society of arboriculture (ISA) after studying the prescribed coursework. Our staff are aware of the different types of trees in the area, and common pests attacking the trees. We also use the latest tools especially scissor lifts and bucket lifts for trimming and other tree services.