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After a tree has been cut down, the remaining stump can be quite an annoyance. Not only must you continuously mow around it; it can be unsightly when compared to the rest of your yard. When it’s time to remove a stump, our stump grinding machines are the fastest and easiest method in the Indy area.

What Is Stump Grinding?

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A stump grinder is a special tool that is used to grind away tree stumps and the roots beneath. The tool consists of a heavy metal wheel that is fitted with cutting teeth. These teeth chip away at the tree stump as the grinder is lowered back and forth across the stump. This turns your unsightly stump into valuable wood chips that can be used for mulch or landscaping.

Why is stump grinding necessary?

According to National Arborists, failing to grind away tree stumps in your yard may result in the rest of your trees becoming infected with harmful tree decay fungi. This fungi infects tree stumps that have been left after a tree has been cut down, and will eventually release spores into the soil that can spread to your healthy trees if they become wounded. Give us a call if you think you have an unhealthy tree on your hands.
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