If you are looking to improve the curb appeal of your home, you can use trees to do that in the short term or in the long term. There are things that you can do to your existing trees to ensure that they look good, or you can add some trees to your property. Most people don’t realize how much impact trees really have on your curb appeal. Trees that aren’t the best looking can bring down your home, not having trees at all can make your yard look lifeless, and having the wrong type of trees can really bring down an otherwise gorgeous home.

Here are some of our tips to improve the curb appeal of your trees, whether you are looking to sell your home or just impress your neighbors.

Cut Down Any Dead Trees

From a technical standpoint, removing a dead tree is just good for your own health and safety. Dead trees are more likely to fall, have a greater risk of catching a disease, and harbor pests that can spread to other plant life. According to The Boston Globe, most people are delaying cutting down their dead trees because they don’t know the dangers.

Dead trees aren’t just dangerous, they tend to be ugly. While they might provide some sort of aesthetic appeal for a haunted house, most of us do not want people to think of something dead when they look at our homes.

Removing dead trees as soon as possible not only clears up room for other trees, it immediately improves appearances.

Add Pops of Color

Adding color to your yard can really help to improve the aesthetic appeal of it. Whether you want to add spring blooms, fall shows, or just different types of greenery to build a lush area in your yard, you can do that with a bit of research.

What you may want to do is plan out your yard to see when certain things will bloom. If you are going to sell your home, you may even be able to plan for showings when it is the most beautiful (it will make an impact). You can section off parts of your yard, creating an even balance of colors and textures. If you are able to create your yard from scratch, it can be a great way to ensure it will be beautiful for years to come.

There are so many options out there for color (check out The Spruce for some of the great options for fall shows).

Increase Privacy

Sometimes, our homes just aren’t as private as we’d like. If your yard doesn’t have any privacy, you can create it. Adding shrubs, hedges, or even thick trees can cause separation between your yard and your neighbors. It can also help to cut down on the noise you hear from the streets and businesses that surround you.

There are so many different options that you can use to create areas of privacy. You first have to look at your yard and determine what will work and what won’t – most people tend to get thick hedges where they can control the lines. Just remember that you may have to do some more pruning than you’d like.

When you actually go to buy something to create privacy in your yard, it is important to talk to a professional. According to Budget Dumpster, “Take measurements and have a few pictures of your backyard on hand so they have some idea of the space you’re working with; you’ll be on your way to a great, natural privacy screen in no time. “

Hide Bad Design Choices

Are there certain parts of your yard that you just don’t like? Certain parts of your home that you just aren’t a fan of? It can be easier to plant trees or shrubs there than to do construction to eliminate them. This may sound silly, but you can actually create lines that you like.

You do have to be smart about the type of trees or shrubs that you pick – especially if you are buying plants that are going to grow and change. Most people will choose shrubs that are likely almost grown, but if you decide to plant trees, you may have one look now and something completely different later on when it grows.

According to Home.com, this could be a great thing to do if you are planning to sell your home and think something will be unappealing to buyers: “Curb appeal adds or detracts from the overall value of your home. When a potential buyer pulls up, your exterior should look visually pleasing, but should also seem warm enough to make the person want to come inside ” While you cannot legally hide something detrimental, you can hide design flaws.

Contact Menchhofer Tree Care for all of your tree care needs – we can help you at any stage of the tree process, from planting and taking care of your tree to pruning and cutting it down – and of course, any seasonal problems that you might have with your trees. If you are having trouble making decisions about how to best care for your tree, we are here to help. Remember that acting sooner rather than later will help you to get the most out of your trees and keep your home safe.

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