Wondering if fall is the right season for tree pruning, or should you wait until winter? Our quick guide covers all you need to know.

When Is The Best Time To Prune Trees?

Fall is sometimes considered the best time for tree pruning. In fact, it’s better to wait for winter as trees are dormant, so it’s less likely to harm them. This means that the best time of year runs from November-March.

What’s more, it’s easy to trim branches back at this time of year as it’s easier to see without their bushy leaves. It’s also better for the trees as they’re less likely to get infections, diseases, or pests as the point of contact or “wound” heals faster.

How Can Trees Benefit From Pruning?

Trees can really benefit from regular pruning. Firstly, it promotes growth. If it’s a fruit-bearing bush or tree, you’re more likely to reap the rewards with trimming. Even if your foliage doesn’t have fruit, it can refresh the shrub.

Also, by cutting the tree, you’re reducing damage where old branches break off or snap. This can prove dangerous for both people and property. Moreover, pests are less likely to house themselves in new growth as they search for rotten pieces.

Late fall is perfectly acceptable if you can’t wait until winter to prune your trees. The plant will heal as the weather cools.

DIY Pruning

It can be tricky to undertake tree pruning on your own, but it’s entirely possible. Be sure to take all safety measures into consideration, and if in doubt, seek the help of an expert.

Key Takeaway

Winter is best – but don’t lose sleep about pruning in late fall! You’re still taking care of your tree, and it will appreciate that and grow back strong.

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