a real tree expert is a:

Certified Arborist

What is a certified arborist? They are educated and practice approved pruning techniques, tree biology, as well as all aspects of proper tree care backed by science. Certified arborists are ISA certified which demonstrate their education, dedication, and training in the tree industry. Their training and education continues every year, as they must acquire continuing education to maintain certification.

What is the risk of not using a certified arborist?

Untrained tree service companies lacking education may recommend services that may harm or damage your trees beyond repair. For example: they may want to top your trees, which is very harmful. These providers may also suggest tree removals as they do not understand tree biology and what exactly the issue may be.

Menchhofer Tree Care certified arborists earn the ISA certification after studying rigorous programs and passing final exams. Only when requirements are met do they achieve the accreditation. This enables the certified professional to offer tree services and tree health treatment that maximize the lifespan of our precious trees. Our 40 plus years of experience also helps.

Our certified arborists at Menchhofer Tree Care are your trusted source for all tree care services from tree removals to disease and diagnostic consultations in west central Indiana.

when your tree is sick...

Call a tree doctor

When you are sick, you go to the doctor. When your tree is sick, you should only be using a tree doctor who is a certified arborist. The consequences of using the wrong or inexperienced tree doctor, can be fatal. Don’t take the chance.

When your tree is diseased or dying and you are not sure what to do, then the best chances of saving it is to have a true professional come out and diagnose the problem, recommend treatment, and get your tree back to healthy status as a quick as possible.

You don’t leave your own health in the hands of just anyone, so why chance it for your trees that have grown for decades and might not get a second chance.