Best Lebanon Tree Care Service in INdiana!

The city of Lebanon in Boone County, Indiana got its name because of the resemblance of the hickory trees to historical cedars in Biblical Lebanon. The town has a number of historical buildings, homes and parks. Property owners are often growing trees for landscaping , fruits, flowers, shelter, adding value to their property. However the trees grow rapidly or may get diseased, so require trimming, pruning or removal. In these cases, it is advisable to contact Menchhofer tree care, one of the most popular Lebanon Tree Care providers in the Indianapolis region providing their services for property owners in West Central India including Lebanon. Some of our popular services like Tree pruning,trimming, tree removal and removal of the remaining stump are described in detail.  

Tree Removal service

Often natural calamities like storms can damage trees due to which they pose a danger to property and people. Additionally, trees are damaged by pests, fungi and other diseases, which make the tree weak and likely to fall anytime. In a few cases, the trees are not wanted by the property owner. So it is advisable to use our service for removing the tree to prevent damage to vehicles, property and injuries to people. The cost of removing the tree will depend on time and effort required which varies depending on the size, location, whether the tree is healthy or diseased, and whether it is growing close to the power lines.  

Tree Trimming and Pruning Service

Trees will grow in all directions, and some branches will die. Hence it is necessary to trim or prune the trees especially for landscaping the property. However, property owners should be aware that trimming the trees incorrect could adversely affect the tree or even kill the tree. Most types of trees take several years to grow to their current size. Hence it is advisable to contact us, since our experienced and well trained staff include certified arborists who are aware of the various types of trees, their growth patterns, and the right way to trim the tree. Before trimming any tree, a stress assessment test will be done.

Tree stump removal service

While it is comparatively easy and quick to cut a tree, removing the roots of the tree can be expensive and time consuming. Hence most property owners are preferring to use our services for stump removal which are affordable and quick. We are using a specially designed stump grinder with a wheel to grind the tree stump above the ground so that the area can be leveled and reused. The wooden chips generated from grinding are reused for gardening.  

Certified Arborist Service

One of the reasons why most customers prefer to use our services is because our staff consists of well trained arborists who are certified by the International Society of Arboriculture(ISA). Hence our staff is aware of the different varieties of trees in Indiana, the right soil and weather conditions, the right way to trim them, pests, diseases which will affect the trees. They are also using the latest equipment like bucket and scissor lifts to provide tree services safely and quickly.   So to get free advice and estimate for any tree service required from Indiana’s most trusted tree service provider, kindly call us or contact online.