Best Mooresville Tree Care Service in INdiana!

We are tree surgeons. Don’t trust your property value to some crew with a chainsaw and a good price. Read our customer references ( from your Mooresville neighbors. Review our credentials ( We are certified by the International Society of Arboriculture. We’ve been studying Mooresville trees for forty years. No one in Mooresville knows more about trees than we do. Call us for a Mooresville tree care diagnosis (or second opinion) regarding your plant concerns. And we’ll discuss the best way to protect your biggest investment–your real estate.



Does your blood pressure rise every time you look at that diseased big tree in your yard that is leaning towards your house? Or maybe you only think about your home owner’s insurance on windy days when it actually starts to move towards your house. Let us help. We can plan a safe removal and soil restoration where the roots used to be.


We were here to help after the EF1 tornado hit last year. And we’re here to help with your tree needs today. Would you like to swap your old tree with a younger healthier Mooresville sapling in its place? We can do that too: (317) 491-3846.



Are branches getting too close to your house? Or, are they getting too close to a *neighbor’s* house? Let us discuss a plan with you to trim the right way. Trimming the wrong way increases your property’s exposure to plant parasites. Instead of sawing until it looks okay, we use a scientific approach to protect your investment.


Are your tree limbs too skinny? Our International Society of Arboriculture certified arborists are tree fitness trainers. We’ll design a pruning plan to get your perennial big and strong.



Stop mowing around that stump. Eventually your mower will (unintentionally) cross paths with it. And it is attracting pests to your property. In addition, stumps breed harmful tree decay fungi. This fungi then spreads to the rest of the greenery in your yard infecting your other living trees and shrubs.


Instead, let us shield your yard from all this with our quick and clean stump removal service. We have tools that grind the stump fast. We then do a full soil restoration where the roots used to be.



Anyone with a chainsaw can hack at your concerns today. An arborist can see around a corner. Our globally acclaimed experts can see what will threaten your property value in the near future.


We are classically trained arborists ( The International Society of Arboriculture has vetted and certified us. We’ve been fixing Mooresville trees for decades before the turn of the century. You won’t find anyone in Mooresville that knows more about roots and branches than us. Put our experience and expertise to work for you.



The drenched soil erosion of autumn rains is almost here. The branch breaking heavy snow of winter is around the corner. Give us a call now so you can proactively get ahead of the seasons. Have us do a checkup on your trees and discuss simple trimming, pruning, or stump removal to prevent major work like a fallen tree and building damage. (317) 491-3846.