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Tree Pruning

Stress Assessment

The practice of pruning a tree will undoubtedly cause tree stress, but just like humans, trees are able to handle a certain level of strain before they are adversely affected.

Menchhofer Tree Care’s arborists are certified by the International Society of Arboriculture and can accurately assess a tree’s stress level prior to pruning. Insects and furry critters can also slowly damage a tree by feeding on leaves and bark.

Humans, however, are the primary cause of tree stress, according to the University of Massachusetts. Under or over watering, improper planting, and lawnmowers that nick roots will all wreak havoc on a tree. Tree care professionals may recommend restoring a tree’s health prior to tree pruning.

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Tree Trimming

We practice tree trimming in Indianapolis, never tree topping. Tree topping is the practice of removing the top of the tree because a homeowner feels the tree has grown too large or too tall. Topping leaves large wounds vulnerable to pathogens that take time to heal.

As a tree continues to grow, hazardous conditions may appear due to a lack of support by lateral and terminal branches. Our certified arborists understand the importance of pruning to lateral branches, angled cuts, and tree structures. Menchhofer Tree Care boasts over 40 years of knowledge, thus our employees will properly maintain your trees with an aesthetically appealing tree structure.
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