Are you curious about the best way to begin planting tree seedlings this upcoming season? Here are a few tips to follow so your seedling grows big and strong!

Keep the Roots Watered

While you dig, it’s important to keep the roots from drying out, or your tree may never grow. Make sure the root ball is soaked so that it doesn’t reject water from the soil around it.

Adding seaweed products may help the seedling avoid shock from the transplant and nurture root growth!

Prepare the Soil

When you start planting tree seedlings, you’ll want to ensure that the hole is big enough (about 2-3 times the diameter and no deeper than the ball of roots) so that the tree has room to settle and grow. You may need to loosen some of the dirt from the root ball to ensure proper placement.

Once the tree is settled in the ground, fill the hole back with the original dirt to help the seedling acclimate.

Seedling Aftercare

You may think fertilizing the seedling right away will help, but hold off for about a year. That goes for pruningor topping the seedling as well.

Here are some general aftercare tips to consider:

  • Avoid pruning too harshly after planting tree seedlings as it can lead to starvation and structural issues.
  • Use stakes and wide straps to help guide the tree’s growth, and remove them after the first couple of growing seasons.
  • Make sure to keep the soil moist so that your seedling has plenty of water and nutrients.

Final Thoughts

Planting tree seedlings is a great way to preserve the planet and reduce energy costs. This spring, take care when you begin planting tree seedlings by following these guidelines so that your seedling can grow happy and strong.

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