Spring is a great time to plant a tree, as it naturally suggests new life. This will conjure up the atmosphere of this lovely season in your home.

However, Spring tree planting presents some challenges, namely the unpredictable weather. Today, we’re going to help you navigate this, so your new tree thrives.

1. Prepare for the Rain

Spring is known for its rain. Take that into consideration when you are watering. Too little will cause your tree to wither. Too much will deprive its roots of the air sockets it needs to breathe effectively, drowning your tree.

If it starts raining too much, you might need to cover the tree with a gazebo or tent.

2. Do Your Research

Not all trees are alike. Each has its own manual of care. If you’re looking at a particular type, make sure it can survive in your climate.

The most important question is whether they need shade or sunlight. Some trees are meant to live inside your house. In this case, get some nice soil and a fashionable pot to spruce up your house!

3. Choose the Right Soil

Don’t just plant anywhere. If the soil lacks the right nutrients, the tree will not be able to grow. Before you choose a location, test the soil to see if it will support life.

Mulch will help, but don’t use it too much. During spring, it also needs to be pulled farther away from the roots to prevent blockage.

4. Schedule Regular Maintenance

Your Spring tree planting job isn’t done once the tree is planted.  Every new life you bring into your home requires commitment. Take these measures of ongoing care.

          Invest in some plant feed.

          Remove weeds, so they won’t compete with your tree for nutrients.

          Regularly inspect your branches and trim them as needed.

Grow Abundance in Your Yard

Spring should be used for its plant-growing advantages. Just make sure you also prepare for what tolls the weather and earth could take, so you can prevent them.

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